The Logical Approach Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves

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Johnny Lee Lane

Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves



This dynamic guide is a creative and methodical array of hot, grooving, dexterity-building, rudimental exercises. Each series of grooves is divided into seven sections that are one-hand, single-stroke, diddle, flam, drag, roll, and rudiment combinations. Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves is intended to serve as a bridge between beginning and more advanced player methods. This method enables you to approach each rudiment as a rhythmic study, allowing for a more groove-driven sound while performing rudiments. The accompanying CD provides professionally performed demonstrations of all the grooves shown in the book.   Inhaltsverzeichnis: Introduction One-Hand Grooves Single Stroke Combination Grooves Diddle Rudiment Groove Flam Rudiment Groove Drag Rudiment Groove Roll Rudiment Groove Rudiment Combination Grooves    


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