Rock´n Roll Drums

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Guide to Rock ?N? Roll Drums by Joel Rothman



Picture Guide to Rock ?N? Roll Drums by Joel Rothman

1980 edition

?Tells and shows you everything you need to know to play up to a professional level. No previous knowledge needed. Easy to follow.

Covers various aspects from tuning, choosing sticks, set ups, various rhythms and basic rock beats, various tempos and breaks

Pictures and notation/exercises

32 pages

Wise Publications

Pencil marks on 5 of the pages, one more than others, two ring binder holes punched in the front cover. Light signs of age

Good condition otherwise



Bibliografische Informationen


Titel             Picture Guide to Rock 'n Roll Drums

Autor         Joel Rothman

Ausgabe   illustriert

Verlag       Omnibus Press& Schirmer

Trade        Books, 1987

ISBN         0860017397, 9780860017394

Länge       32 Seiten

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