Modern School For Snare Drum

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Modern School for Snare Drum

(Snare Drum)


by Morris Goldenberg      




Featuring 40 essential lessons, this method book by performer/educators Ben Hans and John S. Pratt is ideal for classroom use and for private instruction. Hal Leonard School for Snare Drum is designed to develop a drummer's rhythmic vocabulary and musical artistry. It starts with the very basics ? such as parts of the snare and types of snares ? presenting music fundamentals to beginners in a non-intimidating way. Also ideal for more experienced snare drummers, the book is loaded with helpful meter, roll and rudiment studies, progressing from quarter notes and 2/4 time to 17-stroke rolls and cut-time. It delves deep into concert snare drumming, and teaches students applications of alternate and natural sticking. The book also contains John Philip Sousa march charts, etudes and duets written by Ben Hans, and brand new rudimental solos by legendary percussion composer John S. Pratt that are perfect for contests and juried performances. Edited by Rick Mattingly, this pedagogically sound book presents the rudimental tradition, as well as its many modern-day applications.       Audio/Page Samples


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