Hamamatsu TDI Camera C10000

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The C1000-801 TDI camera is useful for a wide range of imaging applications requiring high speed operation with sensitivity simultaneously. Also, frame readout mode is available for easy focusing.

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·         High resolution / high sensitivity

·         (Horizontal spatial resolution with 128(V) TDI stages)

·         2048(H) x 128(V), 4 TAP

·         Line rate up to 50 kHz

·         High speed imaging combined with high sensitivity and low noise

·         Great spectral response for UV-NIR with back thinned CCD

·         100 x anti-blooming with lateral overflow drain

·         Dynamic range of 1600 :1

·         12 bit / 8 bit selectable A/D converter

·         Bidirectional scanning operation

·         Frame readout mode for easy focusing

·         Real time shading correction with internal DSP



·         High speed imaging for low light applications i.e. fluorescence imaging

·         Electronics manufacturing and inspection

·         Semiconductor inspection

·         High speed scanning for a large size sample i.e. flat panel displays


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